Stampede Poster

2016 Stampede Poster

2016 90th Anniversary Williams Lake Stampede Poster

Roman Race
Bill Twan in the lead on Lucky & Penny
Williams Lake Stampede. June 1st 1949  (Blackwell’s Photo)

In 2016 we celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Williams Lake Stampede June 30th-July 3rd 2016.

Ninety years of thrills, chills, excitement and competition featuring cowboys (and cowgirls) from near and far who come to Williams Lake to compete with the best of the best and all of the rest!

In recognition of our long, rich rodeo history, the poster-committee chose a vintage photo of the Roman Race, an event that has long since faded into a past where once the West was wild and unsettled. back when the men who dared to challenge it were bold, brave and persistent; with a never say never – or die trying attitudes and the grit and self-assurance to give anything a go. In fact, this years’ poster should be accompanied by a warning – Please do not try this at home!

It features an iconic snapshot of the infamous Roman race; the drama of which is aptly illustrated by the clouds of dust and clumps of earth being churned up by the horses’ hooves as the teams race pell-mell down the straight-o-way to the finish line. The photograph illustrates so much more than a horse-race. It showcases the character of the cowboy; the bravado that allows him to try what others would not dare: the confidence in his ability and the perseverance that success requires.